Rainbow Distributors USA, Inc. opened its doors in 1995 as a national distributor of telecommunication equipment out of CEO Tami’s garage. Today, Rainbow Distributors’ product mix has grown to include numerous types of cable, traffic and pedestrian signals, LEDs, underground pullboxes, aluminum poles, all necessary mounting hardware, and much more. Along with the company’s expanded product line, Rainbow Distributors has begun offering the option of having traffic signals assembled with LEDs installed at the time of shipment, poles threaded in house, backplate taping, and our own Wire Grounding Unit. Rainbow has established strong working relationships with over three hundred manufacturers, and is a key distributor for Hubbell/Quazite, Leotek, Advanced Digital Cable, Maclean Senior, Republic Wire, Dura-stress, Mobotrex, and Durant. Our company has had its statewide certification since 1998 and was certified as an FDOT DBE in January of 2013.

Rainbow Distributors USA, Inc. strives to serve its customers effectively by offering an unsurpassed level of product availability. We keep a high level of stock in our twin warehouses and maintain strong working relationships with a wealth of vendors across the United States. Our company knows that its success relies heavily on the relationships that are created with customers and vendors—both carry equal weight in our organization. By offering availability of inventory and industry knowledge, Rainbow Distributors is able to set an unmatched standard of customer satisfaction.